Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
"Once you get to the point where smarter-than-human intelligences exist, your model of the future breaks down."
July 2002

Thomas Braunl (University of Western Australia) and Dong-Han Kim (KAIST)
A double interview, a few days after the end of FIRA Cup 2002 in Korea. All you need to know about humanoid robots playing soccer.
June 2002

Tadahiro KAWADA, Director, Kawada Industries - Aircraft and Mechanical Systems Division
"Yes, we develop humanoid robots very fast!"
April 2002

Bernard LOUVAT, President of Evolution Robotics
"We believe that the Evolution Robotics Software Platform has the best chance to become the standard for the emerging personal robotics industry."
February 2002

Greg MUNSON, President of Battlebots
"Battlebots competition is a sport!"
September 2001


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