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NanoWalkers: there is robot in your pocket
Somewhere between robotics and nanotechnology, these very small machines will be the workers of tomorrow's factories.
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Entomopters, flying bugs on Mars
Meet the "entomopters", a brand new kind of small flying robots, designed for flying over Mars.
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Robonaut, a space walker without legs
One of the most sophisticated robot ever, Robonaut is anthropomorphic and designed to help real astronauts during space missions. (photo © NASA)
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RoTA, helping blind people
A robotic "cart" to assist visually impaired people. (photo © Yamanashi University)
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Papero, the personal robot
Don't focus on its "Teletubbies" look... Papero is a very serious and ambitious "Personal Robot" project, conducted by Nec for years. (photo © NEC)
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